ISIS shows US Army colonel in brutal Afghanistan execution video

ISIS has reportedly released a new video of militants training in Afghanistan- this time featuring a high-ranking Pentagon official.

According to Heavy, the video is titled “The Good Men: The Abu Bakr al-Sadiq Battalion” and features ISIS militants training in “Wilayat Khurasan.” Later, a man in an orange jumpsuit is executed.

Clad in a juxtaposition of modified traditional clothing and modern military gear, the troops in the video conduct martial arts exercises, clear rooms with grenades and run each other over with motorcycles. Such displays are common in Eastern Europe and Asia, particularly Russia and China.

ISIS has had a growing presence in Afghanistan, which it calls “Khurasan- a ISIS occupied “province” announced in January of last year that includes areas of Afghanistan and Pakistan.

Currently, ISIS is fighting al-Qaeda and the Taliban for control Afghanistan- a country known for endless battles and being difficult to occupy.

It was not made clear what the executed man was charged with, though the footage of his execution was both brutal and personal in nature.

However the most interesting part of the video features Colonel Wilson A. Shoffner, the Army liaison to the House of Representatives.

Using Shoffner as an Army authority to validate their movement into Afghanistan, ISIS released footage of Shoffner giving a brief on ISIS presence in the region.

“In the east’, the Colonel says in the video, ‘we’re seeing Daesh [ISIS] attempt to establish a base of operations there. Afghan security forces have had quite a bit of success against them. We [the US] have increased significantly our pressure on Daesh.”

According to his bio, Colonel Shoffner began his career in 1988, following graduation from West Point. He has deployed to Germany, Saudi Arabia, Iraq (in both Desert Storm and Operation Iraqi Freedom) and Afghanistan.

When inquired about awareness of the video and possible threats to Colonel Shoffner’s safety, Army Public Affairs did not comment.

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