ISIS says “We will kill, slaughter and burn your people” in new threat of Paris-style attack on American soil

(Warning: Graphic video content)

ISIS says “We will kill, slaughter and burn your people” in new threat of Paris-style attack on American soil

ISIS makes threats that a Paris-style attack will be hitting American shores soon, according to a recently-released video by the rogue terrorist faction.

According to Heavy, the video was released yesterday and is directly targeted towards the United States.

The video -which is narrated in english- shows footage of Islamic state troops engaged in heavy fighting with Syrian and Coalition troops.  It is not known where the footage of US troops was obtained but it appears to be from a Hollowood movie depicting the early years of Operation Iraqi Freedom.  The US soldiers are seen wearing DCU’s – the uniforms wore in Iraq from 2003-3004- while being ambushed with I.E.D’s.

The video then cuts to a photo of President Barack Hussein Obama, threatening him and referring to him as “the dog of Rome”.

ISIS video

Shortly afterwards, a beheading is shown, presumably over a Syrian loyalist soldier. The executioner states that while he can only currently execute Assad loyalists, he will soon be cutting the heads off of Americans who oppose the Islamic State.

Most interesting is the fact that everything spoken in the video -from the narration to the acapella nasheeds– is in english. While generally, much of the footage and narration is in Arabic, this sudden change may allow speculation of ISIS’s desire to reach deeper into their “captive” English-speaking audience.

Despite these threats, the coalition involved in the fight against the cancerous spread of ISIS- also known as Operation Inherent Resolve, has not been slouching.

According to US CENTCOM, the coalition has destroyed over 21,501 enemy targets in Iraq and Syria- including 139 tanks, 371 HMMWVs, 6,720 fighting positions and 5,582 buildings.

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