ISIS planning to dress up as Iraqi military and rape women

The Islamic State in Iraq and Syria recently started distributing flyers instructing its fighters in Fallujah to impersonate Iraqi military forces and commit crimes against civilians before they leave the city.

Copies of the flyers were obtained by the U.S. military. The flyers, which have been translated into English, were shared with reporters on Tuesday.

The flyers command the Mujahideen (holy fighters) to dress like Iraqi security forces, kill civilians, torture them, and film the acts.

The flyers even went as far as commanding fighters to film themselves assaulting women while dressed like ISF members to incite the Sunnis.

In addition to the attacks on civilians, the flyers also command fighters to fill mosques in Fallujah and nearby Beiji with explosives and detonate them. The fighters were also asked to film the acts.

Army Col. Steve Warren, the spokesman for Operation Inherent Resolve, confirmed the flyers were authentic.

Warren said the order was a desperation move by ISIS to try to discredit the Iraqi security forces and the government of Iraq.

“Clearly, this isn’t the behavior of a legitimate government or a legitimate military force, it’s the behavior of thugs, it’s the behavior of killers and it’s the behavior of terrorists,” Warren said.

Islamic state order


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