ISIS is making large move to take over Twitter

Photo Credit: Sceenshot from Twitter.

ISIS sympathizers who’ve been taunting the West via Twitter for some time, have now hijacked over 54,000 accounts.

In its latest use of the internet as a breeding ground for spreading propaganda, ISIS extremists have taken to Twitter to post jihadist videos of beheadings and violence, and have flooded innocent users’ accounts with messages urging others to join the “Holy War.”

All this in an attempt to use whatever means possible–in this digital age–  to recruit “fresh blood” for ISIS campaigns in Syria and throughout the West.

The hacking group, known as Cyber Caliphate, was set up by Junaid Hussain –a British ISIS extremist who was killed in a US drone strike last August. Since Hussain’s death, the group appeared to keep a low profile. But last Sunday –after spending months reportedly “gathering data”  — it reappeared on Twitter declaring: “We are back.”

One Saudi-based victim said they were “horrified” to discover their account was hijacked by the terrorist organization.

Currently trending under the hashtag #cybercaliphate, the attack has included a “mass takeover” of accounts in order to spread more ISIS propaganda. ISIS recently released a training guide teaching members and sympathizers how to use Twitter without revealing their location to intelligence agencies, according to

Aside from the Twitter accounts being compromised, Cyber Caliphate reportedly stole and posted the phone numbers, passwords and other sensitive data belonging to officials with the CIA,  FBI and NSA. Earlier this year, the group also briefly hacked a Pentagon Twitter account.

The group rejoiced over the latest news, on its main Twitter account, before it was suspended.

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