ISIS flaunts U.S. Vehicles in new video

ISIS has released a new video a month after they overran Ramadi, Iraq and forced the Iraqi Army out.  The video reportedly shows some of the thousands of U.S. made vehicles which ISIS seized from the fleeing Iraqi troops.

In the footage, ISIS terrorists can be seen using American made MRAPs during fighting in the town of Karmah, just east of Fallujah, Iraq.  According to the DM, they have acquired more than 2,000 Humvees, MRAPS, cargo trucks and even artillery.

MRAPS used by ISIS

Some of the Humvees in the video still have the custom modifications that the U.S. ground forces made to them. The hoods still have the bolted on spot lights that soldiers used to better spot IED’s at night.  The gun turrets still have custom covers to deflect grenades and rocks thrown by children.  It cannot be confirmed if these are the same Humvees that were used by American troops, but it is still unsettling to see.

ISIS Humvee

It poses the question: will U.S. support of the Iraqi Army only strengthen ISIS?


ISIS Cargo Truck

U.S. Army Lt. Col. Raph Peters made and interesting point to Fox News: ‘ISIS has captured thousands of American-supplied vehicles. So both sides travel in the same vehicles and use the same weapons.’

He continued to say. “We have been the number one source of sophisticated military gear for Islamic State…The Iraqis were only middlemen.”

Iraqi Army Humvee stolen by ISIS


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