ISIS executes anti-ISIS supporters with shotguns before Iraqi Army invades

As the US and its allies try to take back Mosul– in what’s considered the largest military operation in Iraq since US troops left in 2011—a chilling video has emerged showing a prisoner’s execution-style murder.


The ISIS fanatics recorded themselves spraying the top of a man’s head using black paint as a target– before shooting him at close range. He was apparently being punished for spray-painting anti-ISIS slogans on a wall in Iraq.

The 11-minute film, titled “Deterring the Hirelings 2”, shows how men are forced to kneel with their back to a wall before a member of ISIS executes them with a shotgun.





The video also reportedly shows a jihadist “ranting at prisoners in an ISIS jail.”

Then, more gruesome murders are carried out on film.  ISIS extremists, dressed in military outfits, shoot five men in the back of the head after dragging them out into the street blindfolded in front of a big crowd. Those men had apparently been accused of being part of a resistance movement and were labeled ‘spies’ by ISIS, according to Daily Mail.


Some of the footage of that horrific scene was captured by a drone hovering above.


The northern Iraqi city of Mosul fell to ISIS in 2014, at which point the militant group’s leader declared an Islamic caliphate.

Warning: This video has not been edited or censored. It contains extremely graphic scenes of violence. It may not be suitable for all audiences. 

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