ISIS desecrates Coalition soldiers’ bodies, pray after taking their US-supplied weapons

Screenshots from video below

A disturbing video, purportedly released by ISIS, ¬†from the front lines of the battle for Mosul has emerged. In what appears to be a successful ambush on two Kurdish Special Forces Humvees, ISIS fighters celebrate their victory by desecrating the soldiers’ bodies.

In the video the ISIS fighters are seen securing the weapons from the soldiers US-supplied M4 carbine rifles bodies and two man-portable anti-armor rockets from the Humvees.

An ISIS fighter who secured an AT4 rocket drops to his knees an places his head to the ground, praying in a traditional Islamic fashion.


Two other ISIS fighters celebrate while carrying a Russian SPG-9M rocket system, secured from the back of one of the Humvees.


The footage was released yesterday as part of 26-minute propaganda video, featuring various footage of ISIS attacks against the US-led coalition.

Warning: Video contains graphic footage


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