ISIS child executes 3 spies working for U.S. Army Special Forces

Three men that were supposedly hired by coalition forces and trained by the US Army Special Forces to be spies have been captured and executed by the Islamic State.

The three men were hired to record and observe enemy Islamic State communications and movements to acquire target locations for U.S. drone strikes.  They were essentially the “eyes and ears” on the ground, which is an integral part of orchestrating any precise and effective airstrike.

According to statements made by these men they were trained and financially compensated after willingly volunteering for these missions.

After being captured and put on camera by the Islamic State they claimed they realized the Islamic State had infiltrated the ranks of coalition forces and they were unknowingly being watched the entire time.

One of the three men, who claims his name is Ibrahim Ahmad al-Abdullah, said, “I say whoever works with the crusader coalition against the Islamic State: Stop thinking of working with the coalition.  However smart you think you are, you are fighting against the religion of Allah and his messenger.”

He continues to imply that all who fight the Islamic State will lose their life and afterlife but ironically if the Islamic State fulfills its prophecy the entire world will supposedly end.

Before the execution, the new “Jihadi John” Siddhartha Dhar aka Abu Rumaysah told the camera, “You will never fight us except behind fortified fortresses or behind walls.”

He continued to say, “Today we are going to kill your spies the same way they helped you kill our brothers. So prepare your army and gather your nations for we too have prepared our army for our meeting lies at Dabiq.”

Dabiq is a town in northern Syria, about 25 miles northeast of Aleppo, and around 6 miles south of Syria’s border with Turkey.

This Islamic State believes in a prophecy that states that a battle between the Christian forces of the west and the Islamic State will occur in Dabiq, Syria and bring about the end of the world.

The execution and statements by the new “Jihadi John” appear to be another desperate attempt to lure the United States and the coalition into another ground war.

The Islamic State either believes that they can defeat the armies of hundreds of countries or they want to bring about the end of the world, but neither seems plausible.

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