ISIS beats children in new propaganda video

In a video that was released by the Islamic State this week, children can be seen going through various military style training exercises at an unknown location.  In the video’s title the children are referred to as the “Cubs of the Islamic State.”  Children as young as eight years old can be seen brandishing and shooting rifles and belt-fed machine guns.

IS Kid with SAW

The video opens up with children sparring in a fighting cage, similar to those used in professional mixed martial arts fights.

ISIS fighters train in MMA ring


But, then of course there are many ridiculous scenes of ‘breaking things on body parts.’

Smash Tiles with Head

Anther great past time for the Islamic State is breaking sticks on the heads of children.

Smash stick on head

A terrorist propaganda film is not complete without some scenes of monkey bars and somersaults.
Monkey Bars and Summersaults

After all the ridiculous scenes that have nothing to do with training for combat, the kids pair up and show off some moves that look like they are straight from WWE Smackdown.

Fake Wrestling Move

The video finishes with a somewhat organized vehicle ambush that is probably equivalent to Army privates attempting battle drills on their own in basic training.  The Islamic State kids get on line and fire on a two vehicle convoy until it comes to a stop.  It  is unclear whether they use live rounds or not, but one child’s rounds can be seen impacting the dirt as he shoots next to a body.

ISIS Ambush

The Full Video can be seen at


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