Is this recruiter just what the Army needs to reach Gen Z or is he trying too hard?

Despite being effectively banned by the US Army, Soldiers -including those tasked with recruiting more Soldiers- seem to have an unhealthy and unprofessional relationship with TikTok.

From Marines throwing temper tantrums over people not wearing a strip of cotton over their faces to Soldiers pointing handguns at other Soldiers in the arms room, the narcissistic nature of TikTok seems breed a childlike culture of unprofessionalism that no doubt makes some commanders pray for the banning of cellular devices on duty.

Such cringe is not limited to the regular everyday serviceman, however- recruiters have also gotten in on making content to draw the attention of recruits.

Enter Staff Sergeant David York. A far cry from the “Sergeant York” of World War I fame, his antics on the CCP-controlled app are more akin to the “Sergeant York” anti-aircraft system, which was known to “miss” more than it “hit.”

In less than fourteen seconds, SSG York pretty much took a few creeds he had to memorize and threw them into the wastebasket along with his dignity.

“He’s a recruiter,” he said in the video, going into a cheerleader-like routine. “Never, lies, honest, integrity, caring, compassionate, Army Values, he lives it.”

“Hoo-ah,” he said before throwing up a pinup girl-style salute. “He’s a recruiter.”

With content created for TikTok, Instagram, and Twitch, it is not clear how far the military is prepared to go to reach 18-year-olds who may want to join the military.

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