Irish Army vet pranks his family at his own funeral

An Irish military veteran caused quite an uproar at his own funeral- an uproar of laughter, that is.

The Irish Defence Force vet, identified as Shay Bradley, stunned funeral-goers in Leinster when they suddenly heard his voice coming from his coffin.

“Hello,” the voice said, “knocking on wood” as the coffin was buried. “Hello, let me out. Where the f*** am I? Let me out, let me out. It’s f***ing dark in here!”

The voice, which was a pre-recording of Bradley’s voice being emitted from a speaker, continued to go on as the crowd began to laugh.

“Is that the priest I can hear? This is Shay, I’m in the box. No, in f***ing front of you. I’m dead.”

The Irish Defence Forces veterans’ news group quickly took video from the service and shared it across the internet, explaining the rather dark humoured stunt as the difference between military and civilian humour.

In closing, the recording played Bradley singing “Hello again, hello. Hello, I just called to say goodbye.”

According to the Daily Mail, Bradley died on October 8, following a long bout with an undisclosed illness.

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