Iraqi Army splatters ISIS fighter on wall as he flees on motorcycle

As Iraqi forces continue to push into the Islamic State-held city of Fallujah, more footage of the fighting surfaces.

This video purportedly took place recently in the war torn region of Fallujah.  Two men wearing Iraqi Army uniforms inspect the body of an ISIS fighter they allegedly just killed.

Iraqi forces said their push to take back Fallujah is much slower than it was in Ramadi due to a large number of civilians that chose to remain in the city.

Brig. Haider al-Obeidi says “there were fewer civilians in Ramadi, therefore airstrikes are now less than during Ramadi operation.”

According to the Associated Press, Iraqi forces have relied heavily on coalition airstrikes to take territory from ISIS.

Fallujah and Mosul are two of the last ISIS strongholds in Iraq.

Sources: QASSIM ABDUL-ZAHRA (Associated Press) & Sam Prince (Heavy)

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