Iraq war vet in fight with HOA to fly flag on his property

Suffolk, Virginia – Iraq war vet Daniel Toner says his homeowners association first told him in an email that he could fly Old glory off his porch.

But According to A Fox News Insider report, Toner then received a letter that said he had to take the flag down until the HOA passed a resolution to allow flag holders on homes. In other words the flag pole itself is a violation of their rules.

Property manager Kimberly Katz said she misspoke in the earlier email and the flag holder resolution has not been adopted yet. She asked him to take it down until the resolution was officially adopted according to Katz said a resolution is expected to be adopted in July.

Toner says, “You shouldn’t even have to ask permission to have a flag on your property, that’s a right according to Congress. That flag’s staying right where it is – I don’t retreat.”

The HOA managers argue however that they have no intention of denying anyone the right to fly the American flag. They say the flag holder is considered an alteration to a home, and residents just need to apply for alterations.

A resolution to allow flag holders on the community’s homes is expected in July, according to the Fox report.

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