Iraq War vet, family told they could not vote because of Trump shirts

A family in Florida’s Palm Beach County was almost not able to cast their votes because local precinct clerk told them they could not wear their Trump t-shirts while voting.

Jack Lord, an Iraq War veteran, said his family was told by poll workers that it was against the law to wear a shirt showing support for a candidate.

The precinct clerk explained they would have to change or turn their shirts inside out if they wanted to vote.

But under state law, any voter has the right to wear campaign buttons, shirts, hats or any other items showing support for their candidate, when they vote, according to WPTV.

According to Lord, he and his family waited around for about ten minutes before a supervisor eventually let them inside.

“It’s absolutely infuriating to know that people that were volunteers in this place would turn away a voter who was clearly not soliciting. We had stated that we were not soliciting and they turned us away anyway,” Lord said.

The supervisor is said to have apologized for the misunderstanding, saying it took staff a few minutes to find their statute book.  According to WPTV, the book showed it is perfectly legal to vote while wearing a candidate’s name.

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