Iraq releases video to inspire fighters ahead of “hell on earth” battle against ISIS

(Screenshot of Iraqi PMU video below)

For nearly two and half years, ISIS has held the historic city of Mosul where they have dug networks of tunnels and filled moats with crude oil to lay waste to a city and anyone who comes to take it.

“Essentially, they’ve built a hell on Earth around themselves and they’re going to be in that whenever the Iraqi security forces come in there and push them out,” Col. John Dorrian, a spokesman for the allied coalition, said Friday via video link from Baghdad.

Yesterday, the Pentagon announced it will send about 600 more American soldiers to Iraq to prepare local forces for the upcoming battle to retake Mosul.

The U.N. refugee agency’s representative in Iraq warns that the military operation in Mosul “has the potential to be one of the largest man-made disasters for many, many years.”

They expect more than 1 million people to be displaced by the campaign to retake the largest IS-held city and are planning for at least 700,000.

Iraqi coalition forces are expected to encounter houses, buildings, and streets studded with thousands of mines and improvised explosive devices, as well as car bombs and suicide bombers.

The Iraqi PMU (People’s Mobilization Units), an Iraqi state-sponsored umbrella organization composed of some 40 militias formed to defeat ISIS, released a video promising that the battle of Mosul will bring lasting defeat to ISIS in Iraq.

The Mosul offensive is expected to start as early as October.

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