Iranians burn US flags, chant ‘Death to America’ to mark 38th anniversary of Islamic Revolution

Tehran, Feb 10 (EFE).- Anti-American slogans and chants are a staple feature in the annual mass rallies that mark the anniversary of the Islamic Revolution in , however it was the new President of the United States who on Friday bore the brunt of the .

An epa photographer in the capital, Tehran, captured some of the ways in which the thousands of men and women voiced their disapproval of Donald Trump’s recent hard-line stance towards .

One man joining the rally in Tehran held a simple black and white poster on which was written in English “Thanks to the American people for supporting Muslims,” in reference to the mass in the US against Trump’s visa restrictions for seven majority Muslim nations, including .

However, perhaps the most popular poster choice for Friday’s 38th anniversary of the Islamic Revolution depicted a clenched fist wearing a bracelet sporting the colors of flag smashing into the cheek of a Trump caricature under the slogan “Down With the USA.”

As well as vilifying Trump, the crowds use the opportunity to extol former Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini and his successor Ali Khamenei.

Portraits of the two Islamic revolutionaries were ubiquitous among the crowd and, in one photograph, could be seen being carried above a group of demonstrators walking over an American flag.

Another image captured the moment an effigy of Trump aligned with the archway in Tehran’s Azadi (Freedom) Tower, an iconic building often used as a focal point during official demonstrations.

In a speech broadcast live from Azadi square by state television, Iranian President Hassan Rouhani described the mass rallies as a collective against the lies, intimidation and threats coming from the US.

“We are not looking for tensions, but we will resist any threat,” said Rouhani.

Relations between Tehran and Washington, which have been precarious and occasionally volatile ever since the Islamic Revolution in 1979, have become increasingly strained under Donald Trump’s new administration.

Trump has described the West Asian nation as being the world’s foremost sponsor of terrorism.

Yet while many in the Tehran crowds on Friday mocked the US president, for some it was a family event to celebrate patriotism with face paint, balloons and flags, as evident in a moment captured by the photographer.

Islamic Revolution, a popular uprising eventually led by Khomeini, deposed the Pahlavi monarchy, leading to a theocratic regime that has since ruled the nation.

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