Iranian general says their Navy will attack US ships if they “harass them”

Iran has threatened to destroy any US Navy vessels that interfere with their operations, and the commander of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps

IRGC General Hossein Salami made the announcement on April 23, explaining that the IRGC was ready, willing and able to take on the US.

“We announce to the Americans that we are quite serious and determined in protecting our national security, territorial waters, maritime interests and security as well as the security of our naval forces. We will give a rapid and decisive response to any move,” he said.

“Americans have already experienced our actions in the past and they need to understand the realities,” he continued. “We have also ordered our naval forces to target any vessel or military unit belonging to US terrorist Navy, should they intend to harass Iranian civilian or military vessels”

The Iranian press posted the video of the footage to their Twitter account.

The announcement has come days after American President Donald Trump ordered US military vessels to defend themselves against aggressive behavior on the part of Iranian gunboats, which have stepped up their operations in the Strait of Hormuz.

Earlier this week, Iran launched their first military satellite, known as “Light-1.”

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