Iran has seized two U.S. Navy boats in Persian Gulf

(Jan. 5, 2016) Master-at-Arms 3rd Class Xavier Sierra, left, and Engineman 2nd Class Michael Schulz, assigned to Coastal Riverine Squadron 10, conduct a crew swap in the Port of Djibouti in the Persian Gulf. Jan. 5, 2016.

Update: Iran releases US Navy sailors with their boats

U.S. officials have reported that the Iranian military has taken two U.S. Navy boats into their custody on the Farsi Island in the middle of the Persian Gulf.

The small U.S. Navy riverine boats were on a training mission when their boats had mechanical problems and drifted into Iranian-claimed waters.

According to NBC, Secretary of State John Kerry has already contacted Iranian officials via telephone in an attempt to organize the release of the boats and the 10 U.S. sailors.

An unconfirmed report has suggested the Navy failed to have surveillance on the boats which allowed them to be captured.

It is likely that the Iranians will recognize the Sailors mistake and release them in international waters in hours.

Pentagon spokesperson Peter Cook told the AP, “We have been in contact with Iran and have received assurances that the crew and the vessels will be returned promptly.”

White House spokesman Josh Earnest said on MSNBC, “At this point, we’re still monitoring the situation and it’s not entirely clear what happened,” and added that Iranian authorities confirmed that the sailors are safe.

This is a breaking news story and will be updated as the events unfold


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