Iran says some of the captured CIA agents worked for the US military

Seventeen Iranians have been detained by their government on charges of spying for the CIA, and a number of them worked for the military and police.

While it is unknown how many of the arrested Iranians worked for the government, it is known that several were handed death sentences.

The “spies” that have been arrested reportedly worked in the Iranian military and nuclear facilities, as well as private firms.

The head of Iranian counter-intelligence -who was not identified during a recent press conference- said some of the “spies” were sentenced to death.

While Iran has frequently claimed to have uncovered US agents within its borders, the timing of the press release is troubling to many keeping a close watch on the potential conflict in the Persian Gulf.

According to Bloomberg news service, the arrests and death sentences are a show of force by Iran following escalations between the United States and Iran.

American officials have denied any involvement.

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