Iran military spokesman cries, kisses TV anchor while vowing to attack America

Video: Iranian TV presenter consoles the army spokesman Ramezan Sharif during a live broadcast.

Iranians are in a state of grief, panic and anger after one of their beloved terrorist general Qassem Soleimani was killed, vowing revenge for what they call an “unjust assasination.”

Video footage from Iranian TV shows mourners crying and kissing each other over the loss of their general, with Iranian supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei claiming that “criminals who bloodied their foul hands with his blood” would be subjected to jihad.

The Prime Minister of Iraq, Adil Abdul-Mahdi claimed that that war will now tear his country apart, and that  the assault by the US was a “brazen violation of Iraq’s sovereignty and blatant attack on the nation’s dignity.”

In Iran, people spoke out about how much they respected Soleimani.

“I am not a pro-regime person but I liked Soleimani,” said Tehran resident Mina Khosrozadeh. “He was brave and he loved Iran, I am very sorry for our loss.”

“Heroes never die. It cannot be true. Qassem Soleimani will always be alive,” added Mohammad Reza Seraj, a high school teacher.

According to the Daily Mail, the Pentagon reported that “At the direction of the President, the U.S. military has taken decisive action to protect U.S. personnel abroad by killing Quasem Soleimani.”

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