Intoxicated man busted posing as “75th Ranger Battalion” soldier

A man who was caught in a completely out of Army regulation uniform is being accused of “Stolen Valor.”  Tyler Clayton, an alleged military veteran, posted a video of an encounter with a “Staff Sergeant Martinez” in the entrance of a store in Garland, Texas.

As Clayton begins his recording, Martinez can be seen showing signs of possible inebriation -grabbing a soda vending machine to stable himself.  The confrontation between Martinez and Clayton begins when Clayton attempts a cordial handshake, exposing him to Martinez’s disrespectful display of the Army’s uniform.

“If you were really prior military, like the rest of us, your nine kinds of f*&ed up right now,” said Clayton.  “Let go of my hand; some of us wore that uniform and actually fought for our country.”

Many of the uniform violations can be easily spotted by a layman but here is what Popular Military noticed:

  • Beret string exposed and being worn indoors
  • No unit insignia on beret
  • ACU pants worn below the buttocks
  • ACU blouse’s collar is up
  • Undershirt is black
  • His face is not shaven
  • No unit patch on left sleeve
  • Ranger tap worn on right sleeve

When Clayton asked “Staff Sergeant Martinez” what unit he is in, as many Stolen Valor perpetrators do, he made a miserable attempt at claiming a special operations unit.

“75th Ranger Battalion…at Fort Bragg,” said Martinez.  He was apparently attempting to refer to the 75th Ranger Regiment, which is comprised of three battalions at Fort Benning, Fort Lewis, and Hunter Army Air Filed.

“Martinez, you’re a fake and you are bull shit,” said Clayton.

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