Insubordinate Airman secretly records SF NCO in attempt to get out of trouble

Disobeying orders in the military is a quick way to receive an NJP but if you are lucky, it will just be a scolding from your superior.

That was the case for Airmen who were caught somewhere they were not supposed to be.  After the airmen from Whiteman Air Force Base, 509th Security Forces Squadron were caught at the “LRC” -after being told it was off limits- when they were supposed to being doing “chores,” they received an “a**chewing” from an NCO, in lieu of paperwork being written up on them.

Instead of going through the proper channels because he or she thought they were being mistreated, one of the Airmen decided to record a video of the scolding and submitting it to the Air Force amn/nco/snco Facebook page.

The page, which posted the video, seems to be supporting the airman’s supposed mistreatment by the NCO, writing, “We were concerned at a number of things in the video, mainly a portion in which it appeared someone was being directed to talk to a Sergeant before being able to go to EO…”

The post continues:

“We opted to use the chain of command and did so on July 25th. The wing chain and staff were very professional and helpful. We received an update on July 27th that it was in the hands of proper officials. Since July 25th, and as of today we have also recieved other information from sources which does not reflect well upon the chain of command in the 509th Security Forces Squadron. As a last cry for help from personnel in this chain, still under the Airman in the video, we have been asked to post this video and are doing so on their behalf.”

Since it has gone public, the video has been shared over 1,00 times and received over 1,800 comments which are mostly in support of the NCO.

“Sheesh….this was a lecture…..not even yelling. I think my 15 year old’s football coach yells harder than this guy did,” wrote one viewer.   “Sounds like they been doing what they want and not what they been told to do over [and] over[.] Very mild[.] He ain’t even write ’em up,” wrote another.

The consensus among most that commented on the video seemed to find the Airmen’s insubordination and lack of thick skin the more troubling than the harsh language used by the NCO.

“What in hell happened to Airman being tough, or any service member for that matter[.] Good God this would have been a loving conversation between me and my father. ?
I’ve had civilian bosses. To me worse than that. I’d give them their discharge papers myself, would want these pansies on my team anyway.
Let them go, strip any benefits.”

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