Info leaked: Navy SEAL likely killed Army Green Beret with choke hold

Petty Officer Anthony E. DeDolph was put on administrative leave after the death of Army Staff Sgt. Logan J. Melgar (right).

The US Navy SEAL who is currently under the spotlight of an investigation concerning the murder of a Green Beret is a former mixed-martial arts fighter.

Petty Officer Anthony E. DeDolph, better known as Tony DeDolph is a former freelance lightweight fighter, with a 1/5/1 win-lose-draw record in the pro circuit and an “undefeated” fight history as an amateur.

Currently out on administrative leave, DeDolph is being probed in regards to the death of Army Staff Sgt. Logan J. Melgar, a Green Beret with the 3rd Special Forces Group who died of strangulation in June.

While the exact circumstances of Melgar’s death are murky at best, it is known that DeDolph, his teammate and Melgar were “grappling” at around 5 AM in their apartment for some reason.

During said grapple, a source who spoke under the condition of anonymity claims Melgar was put in a “chokehold,” causing Melgar pass out while they were grappling. The SEALs tried to resuscitate him before taking him to the medical facility, according to the military officials who later questioned them.

It is to be noted, however, that the SEALS did not reveal the information about grappling until the autopsy reported that Melgar died of strangulation.

“NCIS can confirm we are investigating the death of SSGT Melgar on June 4 and that the case was transferred to NCIS from Army CID on September 25,” said Ed Buice, a spokesperson for Navy Criminal Investigative Service. “Beyond that, NCIS does not discuss details of ongoing investigations.

While MMA is popular with SEALs, it has drawn criticism for its misuse, philosophy of use and practicality in operations- or lack thereof.

“MMA is totally separate from what we do operationally,” said a SEAL commander, who did not disclose his name. “It’s designed for sport, and you can’t do it with equipment on. MMA doesn’t make any sense in a gunfight.”

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