Infantry officer says Army no longer wants her despite being a “lethal” soldier

Chistine Winters, a transgender US Army Lieutenant. (Facebook)

A US Army Lieutenant who identifies as transgender claims that the military is trying to remove him from military service as he transitions to more feminine attributes, insinuating that the higher-ups at be simply want to remove the Soldier due to the “transgender” label.

Christina Winters, who was born a biological male, has been undergoing hormone replacement therapy for over three years, and posts frequent videos on a YouTube channel to keep fans updated on the overall progress of the transition.

Previously serving as a (presumably) enlisted Soldier in the Infantry and Air Defense Artillery, is reportedly a commissioned junior officer, reportedly tried to commit suicide in April.

“I tried to commit suicide on April 1st,” Winters said while intoxicated in an August 31st video. “Put that gun to my head and spun that chamber, I was playing Russian Roulette.”

However, Winters claims that it is the whole “trans” label that is why the military seemingly wishes to put the officer out of the Army.

Winters claims that personal leadership among troops under the lieutenant’s command has increased lethality and readiness, but that the current transphobia within officer ranks is causing problems.

“It’s hard and tough when -at the highest chains- my leaders want to remove me and people like me, simply because I am, or we are the way we are,” Winters said. “There is no disruption to our camaraderie…battle rhythms or our capability.”

Winters, who as of two months ago identified as a Lieutenant, is also a parent to a little girl when not on-duty.

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