“I wouldn’t want my daughters to live in:” Secretary of the Army comments on barracks

Source: Army/TikTok

The Secretary of the Army has made it clear that the current single Soldier housing situation is unsatisfactory across the branch, stating that she would not want her daughters to live in the barracks.

Army Secretary Christine Wormuth has made quality of life a top priority for the Army, particularly when it comes to their lower enlisted and service members who recently had children.

After touring several barracks facilities, Wormuth expressed her dissatisfaction.

“I’ve seen some barracks quite frankly I wouldn’t want my daughters to live in,” Wormuth said at a recent budget hearing.

Estimates reveal that it would cost $11.2 million to repair and renovate two barracks facilities – one in Fort Bragg, North Carolina, and the other at Schofield Barracks, Hawaii.

With the Army currently promising 1 billion dollars to conduct renovations across the entire force, such funds may not be enough.

According to Military.com, mold has been the primary problem when it comes to Army living quarters for single Soldiers. Regardless of the location, the inability to prevent the spread of mold has come front and center, both with single living quarters and on-post housing.

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One of the primary issues relates to the way the buildings are heated and cooled, with some of the air conditioning units being woefully out of date and poorly maintained.

Wormuth has promised to fix these issues, especially as Generation Z appears less likely to enlist as stories of moldy barracks dominate national news headlines throughout the year.

“I want parents to know that their kids are going to have good accommodations,” Wormuth said.

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