“I would rather sh*t in my hands and clap:” Army sergeant chooses adult entertainment over continuing to serve

Source: Instagram/OnlyFans

A US Army veteran who previously made headlines for saying she would rather “s*** in her hands and clap than reenlist has been revealed to be an OnlyFans creator.

Former Kentucky Army National Guard Sergeant “Lily” Mitchell, who served under the 149th Maneuver Enhancement Brigade, previously served in two uniforms: the Army OCP uniform and Hooters orange-and-whites.

Previously, Mitchell made headlines in 2022 for her comments about serving, use of TikTok in uniform, and her patrons at Hooters calling her “Big Sarge,” as well as comments regarding reenlistment.

“I would rather sh*t in my hands and clap,” the audio overlay of the related video, with a caption reading “When retention approach’s [sic] me about re-enlisting.”

As previously reported, the video generated controversy due to the fact that Mitchell appeared to be inside of a government building while she was making the TikToks in uniform

But it seems now that Mitchell has taken the “Instagram to OnlyFans Pipeline” like many servicewomen before her.

“Just a former Army girl… from [guns] 🔫 to buns 🍑,” her OF account bio reads.

Previously a hot item on Instagram, Mitchell has clearly branched out.

“My friend said I should get an OF and one thing led to another and here I am,” she wrote on the matter earlier in the year.

27,000 individuals follow Mitchell on OnlyFans, likely due to her free subscription.

Meanwhile, over 632,800 people follow her on her old TikTok, though it appears she hasn’t posted there in some time.

Mitchell remains active on Instagram but has a much smaller following than her TikTok.

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