“I want to shoot out the windows:” Army officer finds career criminal squatting in her home

Vincent Simon (pictured above) is accused of illegally squatting in an Army Reserve officer's home.

A US Army Soldier is reportedly dealing with a war on the home front after a squatter entrenched himself in her home and has yet to be repelled.

Lt. Colonel Dahlia Daure, a full-time active-duty command staff with an Army Reserves outfit in Chicago, rented out her DeKalb County home In Georgia in order to offset the cost of living in two locations.

However, after dumping tens of thousands of dollars into renovations after renting it out, she ended up putting the house up for sale.

“I got a cash offer,” she said to WSB. “It was under contract.”

That’s when a mystery tenant moved in: enter Vincent Simon, who claimed he had a lease and had paid $19,000 upfront.

When the homeowner called law enforcement, they said it was a civil matter that they would not address.

“The police call the number that’s on the lease. It doesn’t exist,” Daure said. “I can’t ask them to leave. I can’t put them out. The police can’t put them out. What justice is that?”

@crimedivewithjess A U.S. Army officer says a squatter moved into her DeKalb County home while she was serving on active duty, and now she can’t have him evicted. #news #breakingnews #wtf #dekalbcounty #army #armyofficer #truecrime #truecrimetiktok #ellenwood #squatter #atlanta #awareness ♬ original sound – CrimeDivewithJess

Simon, seemingly a career criminal with multiple convictions for guns, drugs, and theft charges, was spotted moving two giant safes into the house.

Despite the serving of eviction papers, nothing noteworthy has taken place regarding getting rid of Simon.

“I want to go shoot out the windows, turn off the water, cut wires, but I can’t. That’s a crime. Law-abiding citizens can’t do that,” Daure said.

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