“I love my tank”: Troops given note cards; Code Pink bringing “Baby Trump” blimp to 4th of July parade

Service members participating in today’s 4th of July celebration in Washington D.C. have been given instructions on how to interact with the public.

The “Salute to America” event, which includes¬†flyovers, numerous military vehicles, a speech from the President on Lincoln Memorial and a fireworks shows is expected to be the “show of a lifetime.”

Seeming due to fears of the festivities becoming political, troops were given note cards with instructions to tell the public they “love their tank” and are “proud to serve their nation.”

They card -released to the public by Mother Jones- only offers the troops three phrases to say.

  1. “I am proud to serve this nation and I am proud to be a service member.”
  2. “I am proud to honor this nation and the armed services during this Independence day celebration.”
  3. “I am proud of my job and proud of my vehicle/tank. I am glad to share my experience with the American people.”

The cards issued by Pentagon officials also provide conversational boundaries for the servicemembers.

They list “Dos” and “Don’ts” with the “Dos” including “make positive statements”, “use suggested key messages”, “be conversational”, “use simple sentences”, “stay in your lane” and “smile and have fun”.

The “Don’ts” section of the card instructs service members to refrain from “using acronyms of jargon”, “say anything you don’t want to be heard or recorded”, “guess, lie or speculate”, “say anything of the record” as “the microphone is always on!”

Numerous protests have been organized on social media and are expected to take place during the celebration of our nation’s independence.

One controversial protest was organized by Code Pink, which claims it is bringing an inflatable blimp that is a baby version of the President.

“This July 4 as the Baby Trump blimp makes its DC debut on the National Mall, facing the Lincoln Memorial where Trump will be speaking. We’ll have a Trump is a Big Baby festival,” reads an event description on Facebook.

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