Husband of soldier with rare cancer surprises her with hilarious glamour shots

U.S. Army veteran Tyler Arnet (Facebook)

The husband of a US Army recruiter in Oregon has created a bizarre series of glamour shots to cheer up his wife as she battles a rare form of ocular cancer.

When Stephanie Arnet was diagnosed with an extremely rare form of eye cancer known as Ocular Melanoma, she was one of only around 2,000 people a year who are diagnosed with the illness.

“[It] is so rare in fact, that there are only about 10 doctors who specialize in its treatment, none of which are military,” she said on social media. “It is not genetic, there is no lifestyle that causes its formation. It is literally just the luck of the draw.”

At only thirty years of age, the mother of three recently underwent a series of surgeries last that may be able to save her life- and her

Enter Tyler Arnet, a military veteran, Stephanie’s husband- and a man who understands the importance of morale.

Tyler and Stephanie Arnet (Facebook)

“She’s obviously been down and stressed out,” Tyler said “With Valentine’s Day around the corner, I had to go pull all of the stops.”

All the stops, indeed.

Using man-logic, dad bod, a killer beard and some fancy camerawork, Tyler threw together several “dudeoir” photos that only a married,
ex-military dad of three could deliver.

From posing in the bathtub (with flowers in beard, no less) to provocatively kneeling in front of a fire with a Victorian-esque portrait of Christopher Walken, Tyler most definitely spared no expense as he showed just how far a man can push his comfort zone when it comes to making his wife happy.

The attempt on raising morale, it seems, was a success.

“My absolutely MAJESTIC husband went out and did a “dude-doir” shoot for Valentine’s Day, and it is THE BEST THING EVER!” Stephanie wrote on Facebook. “I friggin’ love this man!”

The post has been shared almost 8,000 times and has generally been well-received- to put it lightly.

“Honestly, as funny as this is, this elevates you into the category of good man status for life,” observer Mark Mehaffie said. “This very thing could be part of something that saved her.”
While marriage is no cake walk (and let’s face it, guys don’t always make it easy, either), loving husbands like Tyler show just how far many men will go to keep their wives happy.

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