Hurricane Sally slams barge in NAS Pensacola main gate

Rogue barges knocked loose from a Florida Panhandle-area went on a rampage in the Pensacola area during Hurricane Sally, smashing into residential properties, hitting bridges and even “attacking” the entrance to Naval Air Station Pensacola.

Naval Hospital Pensacola posted photographs showing wind damage to structures outside the facility, and water and other damage inside the hospital.

On Wednesday night, one Skanska USA barge hit the NAS Pensacola main gate bridge, rendering the entry point closed until crews could do damage assessments.

Jason Bortz, spokesman for NAS Pensacola, said the barge was trapped under the bridge for a while. It has since dislodged.

According to the Pensacola News Journal, other barges turned up in strange places, with five washing up in the downtown Pensacola area, and another turning up in someone’s backyard.

It is unknown what damage the barge that hit NAS Pensacola’s entry bridge cause, though lanes of traffic have been restricted.

The barges are reported to have been moored to the Three-Mile Bridge, which was partially destroyed during the hurricane.

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