How a triple amputee Marine vet got a Fox News host to plunge into ice water

Retired Marine Sgt. Carlos Evans, lost both his legs and his left hand in an IED blast in Afghanistan in 2010.

Following the injury, Carlos admits he was in despair and didn’t know if he could be the father and husband his wife and two daughters needed. “When I was first injured, I didn’t think I was going to be a good father. I thought they were going to be ashamed of me.”

So, Carlos started to use his prosthetics, he says, to “look like I used to look.” But after struggling with his prosthetics for a long time he came to the realization that, “you don’t need both hands to touch hearts or feet to walk with purpose.”

In this very touching video, Carlos talks about the struggle he’s had as a husband and father and how faith in God put him back on the right path. Carlos and his wife Rose Marie were among 159 couples who traveled to Samaritan Lodge Alaska for a week of marriage enrichment over the summer.

“Operation Heal Our Patriots” recently closed its 2015 season, after 16 weeks of “continuous ministry” to wounded military personnel and their spouses.

Carlos says when you are following God’s purpose – “you don’t need feet, you need faith.”

He credits his wife for helping him see God’s love:  “When I gave up on myself, when I didn’t want this body—because I wasn’t born this way—she [Rosemarie] loved me and God loved me,” he recounted.

Carlos said the ministry inspires him. He led the polar plunge during the Alaska visit and even got Fox news anchor Greta Van Susteren to join in. She did need a little bit of a push though.

Carlos has such a great attitude about everything. When getting out of the ice cold water, someone yells out, “How was it Carlos?” He answers: “I can’t feel my feet.”

“That’s Carlos’s attitude toward the world… there’s nothing he won’t try, nothing that he can’t do,” a ministry staff member said.

“We did a lot with two hands, but with one hand we’re doing more — touching more people by doing it with our hearts,” Carlos says.

“When you follow His purpose, whatever seems impossible is possible.”


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