Houston woman burns flag on 9/11 as a sign of hatred towards white people

Following the devastation created by Hurricane Harvey, a Houston woman set common decency ablaze when she donned military fatigues and set fire to Old Glory on Patriot Day.  While many Houston residents set race, religion, and creed aside to come together in a time of need, one woman chose to try to divide.

The woman -identified through social media as Keziah Smith- posted a photo of herself taking a lighter to a flag while in desert fatigues, with the caption reading, “They tell us never forget 9/11,
but when we mention slavery they say ‘forget about it.’ F**K 9/11.”

A few days after her post, she wrote, “Notice only white people got mad because I “burned” the American flag.”

Smith has posted several other videos, displaying racist and militant afro-centrist behavior as she attempts to troll street evangelists and other people in Houston.

Her social media posts suggest she has hopes of getting viral attention. Her videos include a failed attempt at creating viral dance trend called, “#HousePartyChallenge,” and several extreme anti-white posts that could be classified as “hate speech.”

Smith refers to whites as “cavemen” and uses the term edomites in a derogatory manner, citing her interpretation of Biblical texts.  The word comes from the Hebrew word Edom, which  means “red”, and is derived from the name of its founder, Esau, the elder son of the Hebrew patriarch Isaac, because he was born “red all over.”  Today its use can be a derogatory term for those who are considered Caucasians.

Ultimately, social media paints a bitter picture of the woman behind the burning of a flag on 9/11- portrayed as a hateful racist, who ironically practices the very ideologies she hates, albeit on a different race.

In a video captioned, “Devil had his kkk uniform in the car and gone come out and read a anonymous scripture out the bible! #blackpower #hebrewisraelites #blackconsciousness #devil #kkk #caveman,” she attacks white Christian men.

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