Hooters waitress says she’s called “Big Sarge” at work after being promoted to sergeant in the National Guard

A Hooters waitress who serves in the Kentucky Army National Guard stated that her patrons have special nicknames for her- particularly after her

The waitress, who has been identified as Sergeant “Lily” Mitchell, has served under the 149th Maneuver Enhancement Brigade, which is part of the Kentucky Army National Guard.

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Sergeant Mitchell, who was promoted to E-5 earlier this year, was pleased by the nickname she got from one of her patrons.

“This old man at work calls me big sarge,” she tweeted on Monday.

The sergeant, who uses TikTok in uniform, has stated she is not interested in re-enlisting in one of her videos.

“I would rather sh*t in my hands and clap,” the audio overlay of the related video states, with a caption reading “When retention approach’s [sic] me about reenlisting.”

The video appears to have been shot while on duty and inside a military building.

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