Hit-and-run suspect gives unconvincing apology from jail after running over Army vet

(Cody Gibson)

It was not a very convincing apology from the man who intentionally ran over a veteran in Arizona earlier this month.

Cody Gibson spoke about the hit-and-run publicly, for the first time, from jail on Monday. While the 18-year-old suspect did say he was sorry for what he did,  he also placed some of the blame on the victim — Army vet Steven Richardson.

Several eyewitnesses called 911 the night of April 7, when they saw Gibson pulling a woman by the hair through a Phoenix parking lot. Richardson stepped in because he thought the woman needed help and it was the right thing to do.

“I take full responsibility but he just shouldn’t have gotten into our business. If he minded his own business he wouldn’t be in the hospital and I wouldn’t be here,” Gibson stated.

Richardson spent about a week in the hospital with severe head injuries after being run down  that night.  Gibson spent a week in hiding, but police eventually caught up with him on the Gila River Reservation.

He denied punching his girlfriend, but also said “I didn’t mean for anybody to get hurt… [Richardson] took me away from my family just like I took him away from his family, for a little bit in the hospital, so I’m sorry.”

Gibson also said he thought about stopping after hitting Richardson, but decided not to  because, he says, he feared getting into trouble with the cops.

He’s now being held on a $200,000 bond and is expected back in court later this week.

Richardson is out of the hospital but has a long road to full recovery. He is still dealing with some hearing and short-term memory loss, 12 News reported.

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