“Harley riding, tequila-drinking Navy SEAL” vet picked to oversee Spec. Ops

Former Navy SEAL Lou Bremer at the 2019 Greenwhich Film Festival.

A former Navy SEAL known for his brash behavior and drinking abilities has been suggested to be the man the Pentagon may have lead the top civilian post over all special operations forces.

Lou Bremer, a SEAL veteran of eight years who has been chosen as the next potential Assistant Secretary of Defense for special operations and low-intensity conflict, described himself as a “Harley riding, tequila-drinking Navy SEAL and White House Fellow who buys companies on occasion.”

Formerly serving under the Bush Administration as a homeland security aide, Bremer -if appointed- will fill the assistant secretary role, which oversees elite units such as the SEALs, Marine Raiders, Army Rangers, Green Berets and Delta Force.

According to Politico, one individual has already turned down the position, which is likely to be considered a challenging role in the midst of many special operations-related scandals.

“Anybody who comes into that position has got a difficult task ahead of them,” said Dick Couch, a retired SEAL. “There are deep-seated cultural issues that have to be addressed.”

In terms of replacing Marine veteran Owen West, who recently, stepped down, some believe that Bremer will have a better rapport with special operations.

, said the ex-SEAL’s background could lend credibility to efforts to address the recent bad behavior in the special operations community.

“It will give him more street cred with the community than West had,” said Jonathan Schroden, director of the special operations program at the Center for Naval Analyses, a government-funded think tank.” “So if he endorses whatever the review’s findings are, it would add some weight to them.”

Others aren’t so convinced.

“I wouldn’t put a SEAL in that job right now,” said former Navy special operations officer, who spoke to Politico on condition of anonymity. “If you’re on the inside and you see this happen, you’re going to roll your eyes and say ‘This is business as usual- everything that’s happening here is lip service and it’s just because some guys got caught.’”

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