Guys say watching this Airman put on her uniform is enough for them to join the Air Force

Airman Koroell (TikTok)

When military recruiting is at an all-time low, some claim they don’t even need the numerous incentives being offered to join.

Recruiters have used many unorthodox means to get the attention of possible candidates, such as paying the “Island Boys” for a recruiting video and creating funny content for TikTok.

But it seems some lower enlisted are doing a great job at luring potential recruits unintentionally.

This week, one young Airman reached over 7 million people with a video on TikTok and users said watching her was enough for them to sign up.

Airman Koroell, who goes by @luvvv.jayk on TikTok, posted a parody video of her getting dressed in her uniform.

“I picked these cargo pants because I thought they went really well with the tan shirt,” she says in the video.

Her video takes the mundane part of every service member’s morning routine and pretends as if she had a choice in her outfit, and accessorizing it with her patches and cap.

“But of course you know I had to add a belt,” she said. “So you know the belt actually makes it go really well -you know- it matches the shirt; it matches the cargo pants and it just pulls it all together.”

@luvvv.jayk ootd!!! #airforce #miltok #fyp #fypシ ♬ original sound – Vivian Bobe

The video received overwhelmingly positive reactions from male users, but not likely due to its clever humor.

“Where can I sign up for the military,” one user wrote.

“Just signed my papers for the Air Force, see y’all in 4 years,” another wrote

One user’s reaction to her video was so compelling, that Koroell thought it warranted a response video.

“Air Force mommy?” the user wrote.

“WTF, did you just call me mommy?” she wrote in the response video.

But not all comments were about her looks; some asked for advice.

A female TikToker asked for help on joining the military. “Any tips on joining the air force?,” she wrote. “I rlly don’t know how to go about it and i’ve been wanting to get in badly.”

No one will likely know whether or not the supporters of her video will actually join the military but the facts that are known, are that most people can’t.

Only 23% of young Americans fully meet the Army’s eligibility requirements and even less for the Air Force.

“Our ‘qualified and waiting’ list is about half of what it has been historically, lead conversions are down, propensity has dipped, unemployment is down, our public engagement and time in schools is at an all-time low, and we’ve had two years of limited recruiter training opportunities,” Maj. Gen. Ed Thomas told Air Force Recruiting Service in a letter at the beginning of the year.

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