Grunt Style employees spend over six hours reading every name of KIA during GWOT

While many were looking forward to enjoying a barbeque and a few hours of extra sleep over the long weekend, the folks over at veteran-owned business Grunt Style decided to put the entire event into perspective.

Posting a live stream on Facebook, multiple employees from the veteran apparel company read from a complete list of servicemembers killed during Operation Enduring Freedom and Operation Iraqi Freedom.

The entire reading took around six hours to complete and required several employees to split the task up, all while people watching the live stream waited to hear the names of their comrades and loved ones.

A sobering kick-off to a three-day often misassociated with sales and partying, the employees at grunt style -most of whom are veterans themselves- made sure that anyone watching remembered what Memorial Day is all about.

(The names are read in alphabetical order)

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