Grenade launcher parts reported missing from Army base

A Mk 19 automatic grenade launcher.

An Army Reserve Center at Alabama’s Fort McClellan is reporting a large number of grenade launcher parts missing from their storage area.

Anniston Police Sergeant Kyle Price said officials could not locate the parts, which could either be stolen or misplaced.

The parts have been identified as underbarrel components for 40mm grenade launcher, which can be mounted to a rifle or used as a standalone system.

“They were doing an inventory check and couldn’t find the under parts,” Price said.

According to The Anniston Star, Sergeant Price said that CID wll likely be looking into the matter, though he had no other information at this time.

“CID probably would like to look into it,” said Price. “This is not like someone broke into a pawnshop. “We don’t know if someone checked it out and is still using it, or if it’s stolen. There are a bunch of scenarios that they’re going through.”

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