Godzilla Movie Review

Godzilla, like many end-of-the-world movies, is full of military action. EOD, HALO jumps, M1 Abrams tanks, fighter jets, and naval fleets all make their appearances in the movie. It’s all done pretty good. No major gaffes here, except the lights keep coming on after EMP attacks. And good thing the EOD guy knows how to conduct a HALO jump.

The movie starts like any Michael Bay movie, even though it’s not, with sappy-get-to-know-your-characters scenes. But after the initial setup, the movie begins to feel like a dozen other movies all rolled up into one. War of the Worlds, Pacific Rim, Transformers, Aliens, and Independence Day are just a few. But then the movie careens dangerously close to Battleship, as the main character somehow finds himself involved in every situation in the movie. You begin to think about the time in Battleship when Alex makes a blind call to Hawaii and his girlfriend Sam answers! But that doesn’t quite happen in Godzilla, thank God. Despite the setup, the movie never gets too personal or too preachy. In fact, it’s pretty shallow as far as those two go. There’s a message to the movie, but it’s no more profound than in any other end-of-the-world movies. What’s worth seeing in Godzilla, however, are the special effects. See this movie in 3D if you can.

Godzilla ends up being a good movie, not great, but one you will still enjoy seeing.


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