Gen. Mattis asked “What is the kill/casualty radius of your knife hand?”

The Marine Corps sat down with General James Mattis (Ret.) -who served in the Marine Corps for 44 years- to ask him some questions about his time in the Marine Corps.  The General who served as the 11th Commander of United States Central Command shared lessons from his time as a leader through all of the ranks.

The last question he was asked (around 15:35) during his 17 minute interview was “What is the kill/casualty radius of your knife hand?”

Gen. Mattis responded with a grin on his face by saying, “Once you get to be a high ranking officer, the kill/causality radius is whatever your Marines make it and by the time I got up to the senior ranks it was hundreds of miles.”

While this question was humorous in nature (and definitely one every Marine was curious about), the other inquires that were presented to Mattis were of greater importance -containing much insight into the mind of a legendary Marine. I urge you to watch!

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