This game is so realistic that Army privates actually screw up like in real life

Even in the virtual world, young Army Privates trying to become proficient soldiers can find a way to screw things up.

Such was the case in a recently posted video by Midgardian Gaming, where an unfortunate “PV2” character playing a military combat simulator known as ARMA III suffered a negligent discharge.

In a video titled “3rd Infantry Division ‘’Perils of a Drill Instructor,’” the player controlling an Army PV2 (Private Second Class, or simply “Private”) is taking a knee with his fellow soldiers when he inadvertently discharges his firearm.

“F***,” the PV2 says.

“There’s a safety,” one player says.

“I had it on safety,” the PV2 responds.

Soon, a Corporal shuffles over and seemingly takes the PV2’s rifle away.

ARMA III is part of the Armed Assault series of realistic combat simulators, which have a lineage dating back to 2001, when Operation Flashpoint was released on PC. The game relies heavily on teamwork and is quite popular with online gamers.

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