French magazine, attacked by Jihadists for depiction of Muhammad, mocks Russian military after plane crash

The French satirical magazine that was attacked by Islamic militants just under a year ago -in retaliation for their depictions of the prophet Muhammad- is now the target of criticism by the Russian military.

The satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo published cartoons mocking the Syria-bound Russian plane that crashed, killing all 92 people on board.  The flight was carrying members of the world-famous Russian army choir to a New Year’s concert at a Russian military base in Syria.

One of Charlie Hebdo’s cartoons depicts a singer in the falling aircraft wailing ‘aaaa’ with inscription: “The repertoire of the Red Army Choir is expanding,” while another voices sardonic regret that Russian President Vladimir Putin wasn’t inside.


Since the publication of the cartoon, the Russian military has voiced their condemnation of the magazine.

Russian Defense Ministry spokesman Maj. Gen. Igor Konashenkov described the cartoons as “excrements,” saying in Thursday’s statement that “it is humiliating for a normal person even to pay attention to this labored filth.”

Charlie Hebdo is known for its proactive cartoons that have targeted Catholic popes and the prophet Muhammad. In January of 2015, Jihadists belonging to the Islamist terrorist group Al-Qaeda’s branch in Yemen killed 12 people -including its editor- at Charlie Hebdo’s Paris office.

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