After four years in the military, this Marine is barely recognizable

A US Marine NCO went from “ugly duckling” to “smoking hot” during her four years in the Corps- and she’s still going.

Kayla Chappel is certainly an attractive woman in the Corps, but it wasn’t always that way- her boot camp photo from 2014 is night and day from her current self.

“I joined the Marine Corps because I wanted to show people that said I couldn’t that I could. I’ve struggled with self-confidence, and I hoped that joining would help me gain confidence,” Chappel told Marine press during her time at Parris Island, when she was (unfortunately) sporting a not-so-feminine haircut.

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A North Carolinian, Chappel is the embodiment of a Southern girl, radiating a juxtaposition of graceful femininity and a hardiness that cannot be replicated anywhere else in the world.

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For thirsty Devil Dogs who are looking to score a date with Chappel, we have bad news- the young NCO is happily married with children… and could probably break your arms without their assistance.

According to her Facebook page, Chappel is currently an Aviation Operations Specialist in a recruiting role, and has been everywhere from Cherry Point, NC to Okinawa, Japan.

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