Four soldiers arrested in prostitution sting, one had body bag, rope, knife, and duct tape

U.S. Army soldier Tyler Willison (Source: Bell County Sheriff's department)

Four soldiers from Fort Hood were arrested during a massive prostitution sting in Bell County, Texas that arrested a total of thirty people.

One of the soldiers, Tyler Willison, was found in possession of a knife, six strands of rope, duct tape and a body bag at the time of his arrest.

When he entered the room where the sting occurred he was in possession of the rope; the other items were found in his car. He told deputies he brought the rope to the room because he had a bonding fetish.

According to police, the arrests were made during two sting operations that took place six days apart, with 15 people being arrested in each sting.

The ages of those arrested ranged from 17-57 and one was arrested in possession of a firearm.

“As long as there continues to be a problem, we are going to continue operations like this,” Sherrif Eddy Lange said to KSWO. “So, guys, if you’re out there on the dark web or even on the regular web and you’re thinking about this, you better be thinking, ‘ hey, is it Chief Mitchell’s guys or is it the sheriff’s department on the other end?’ You’ll never know what’s behind that closed door.”

The thirty men arrested were (four are soldiers, but only Tyler Willison has been identified as military) :

  • Andrew Kuhn
  • Barron Ramsey
  • Christopher Colwell
  • Dartagnan Seay
  • James Gattison
  • Jose Moreno
  • Kenneth Solack
  • Marcus Brown
  • Nathan Murray
  • Ralph Phelan
  • Richard Swanson
  • Toby Culp
  • Travis Hunt
  • Tyler Willison
  • William McDonald
  • Austin Woodward
  • Brandon Lemus
  • Brandon McMeen
  • Clinton Young
  • Conrad Rodgers
  • Erasmo Maya
  • Ernest Soto Jr.
  • Fernando Gomez
  • Frank Ceballos
  • Jose Luna-Gonzalez
  • Joseph Holland
  • Luis Lopez-Gomez
  • Luis Rivas
  • Robert Martinez
  • Zeb Johnson

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