Fort Hood responds to viral video of sergeant saying her life is in danger

Screenshot from Instagram video

A female soldier at Fort Hood has caused a significant amount of controversy at her post in Texas, causing Fort Hood officials to speak up.

Sgt. Jewel Scott, who is reportedly being discharged soon, claimed that her command

“If I end up dead and I got missing or somethin,’ just know someone did it,” she said in an Instagram video, adding that she believes her “days are limited.”

Later in the long strings of vids, she was detained by federal and local law enforcement, who claimed she was posted as “AWOL.”

The series of videos continued with multiple claims that she was being targeted by someone and would likely end up dead.

In response, Fort Hood officials spoke up about the matter.

“We are aware of the allegations and concerns raised by Sgt. Jewel Scott. We take all allegations of misconduct seriously and commanders will investigate and take action as appropriate. Sgt. Scott is safe and in the care of her unit leadership,” III Corps officials wrote.

“Our Soldiers can always bring up concerns to their leadership, who will take appropriate action commensurate with Army Standards and values.”

Scott then began arguing with III Corps and Fort Hood after the statement went live.

“THIS IS A LIE! I am NOT in the “CARE” of my LEADERSHIP. The last time I have spoken to my leadership was when they had me illegally arrested by undercovers, and taken to the hospital,” she claimed in the post.

Scott added that she was “illegally arrested by undercovers” and was going to be discharged within ten days for “misconduct.”

When pressed by social media users, III Corps stated: “The soldier has made allegations. The unit will investigate. Please allow the process to work and not conduct the investigation via social media.”

According to KWTX, Scott has set up a GoFundMe to help her transition to civilian life.

“While stationed here, I have witnessed awful. For months I have tried to bring awareness to these things in which Fort Hood continues to cover up and neglect,” the soldier wrote on the GoFundMe page. “Once they were made aware that I have been working with news stations. I quickly became a target and person they needed to hush.”

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