Fort Campbell soldier headed to prison for killing teen he caught robbing car at his home

Jamison Mullins II pleaded guilty to manslaughter in the death of Damariontae Brown.

A Fort Campbell Soldier has been found guilty of shooting a juvenile who was stealing from his significant other’s vehicle.

Jamison Mullins II pleaded guilty to manslaughter on Tuesday, a lesser charge from the original charge of first-degree manslaughter.

Mullins fired a single shot at 15-year-old Damariontae Brown on March 13, 2020, after the latter was found breaking into Mullins’ car on the property.

“The victim at that point turned to run, got to the edge of his driveway, perhaps a little further and apparently turned and looked back at him, and according to Mr. Mullins’ statement, he said, ‘He turned and looked at me, he looked like he was grabbing for something and started to run,’” District Attorney Dan Brollier told the court Tuesday.

While fleeing, Brown made a gesture with his hands that Mullins confused for a firearm, prompting Mullins to open fire.

Upon closer inspection, Brown had stolen Mrs. Mullins’ purse and phone, but was unarmed.

“Mr. Mullins was very cooperative, he and his wife immediately told officers what happened as I’ve just described to you,” Brollier said.

In addition to pleading guilty to manslaughter, Mullins pleaded guilty to “employment of a firearm in commission of a dangerous felony” charge.

For that charge, Mullins agreed to serve six years in addition to the four years for the manslaughter charge.

According to, Mullins will serve ten years in prison.

Brollier noted that the plea deal was offered to avoid a public trial, as Brown was the second son in his family to be fatally shot.

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