Former soldier arrested for threatening to kill military police for penetrating him without consent, forcing him out of the military

A Northern California man has been charged with a felony offense for allegedly posting online videos of himself threatening to kill multiple military personnel at the Fort Irwin army base in San Bernardino County, the Justice Department announced today.

Christian Ernest Beyer, 41, of Petaluma, has been charged with interstate threats, a crime that carries a statutory maximum sentence of five years in federal prison.

Beyer, an army veteran formerly stationed at Fort Irwin and who was court-martialed in 2021 for assault, was arrested Wednesday at his father’s Sonoma County residence. A federal magistrate judge in San Francisco today ordered Beyer jailed without bond. Beyer is expected to be arraigned in the Central District of California in the coming weeks.

Then Staff Sergeant Beyer in Iraq in 2013. (Facebook)

According to an affidavit filed with the complaint on Wednesday, October 30, Beyer posted a YouTube video in which he threatened to kill specific military personnel at Fort Irwin.

In one of the YouTube videos posted on October 30, Beyer threatened to kill Richard Payne, the Chief of Police at Fort Irwin; an officer; Master Sergeant Richard Boone; and others, whom Beyer believed to be responsible for his 2021 court martial.

“I’m calling out the people that forced me out,” Beyers told the camera. “I will f***ing come and hunt you, and I’m telling you that right now and not just because I’m harboring a witness because the cops f***ing made up all this shit anyway and you guys f***ing ran along with them so f*** you. I’m coming for you. I’m gonna kill your whole f***ing family if they stay there.”

Beyer was court-martialed in 2021 for assaulting his wife. He “pushed [his] wife, barricaded [himself] inside [his] residence with an unregistered firearm, and disobeyed lawful orders,” according to a memo written by Brigadier General Curtis D. Taylor. After he was arrested, he “spit chewing tobacco on the floor of the patrol car and urinated in the police interview room.”

Beyer posted investigative documents from the Army’s Criminal Investigative Command relating to his arrest that shed more light on the possible motivations for his threats.

After being taken into custody by military police following the domestic incident with his wife and child, medical personnel allegedly attempted to record his vitals. He declined, but claims he was taken to the hospital and forced to have his temperature taken rectally.

According to the alleged Fort Irwin CID document, an Army captain stated that then-Master Sergeant Beyer was taken to the emergency room after an altercation with his wife and was “subjected to nonconsensual penetration with a rectal thermometer.”

In August 2022, Beyer was convicted of assault, domestic violence, and disrespecting a noncommissioned officer.

He was “confined” for 43 days, fined $1,000, and his rank was reduced.

This year he began posting videos related to his past trouble and recent videos posted to social media show him confronting and badgering local law enforcement while performing their duties.

On October 23rd he recorded himself accusing local police officers of being murderers while wearing his Army cavalry stetson.

“At least here they can’t f***ing murder black people in the streets,” he said. “Just f***ing harras people who fight and defend it – not like them- harras the f**k out of the people who deserve the freedom more than any f***ing body,” he continued on his tirade.

On October 30, Beyer allegedly got into an altercation in Mendocino County with a group of elderly individuals after leaving his car in a neighborhood in which he did not live. Beyer allegedly brandished a knife at one of the elderly people, got in his car, drove away, then turned around and sped towards the group, driving his vehicle approximately 13 feet off the street at them. Beyer then sped away and drove to a parking lot, where local law enforcement confronted him, according to the affidavit. He allegedly got out of his car and fled, leading to a manhunt that ended with his arrest.

According to the U.S. Attorney’s Office, Central District of California, the FBI is investigating this matter as part of its Los Angeles Joint Terrorism Task Force.

Assistant United States Attorney Daniel H. Weiner of the General Crimes Section is prosecuting this case.

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