Former Marine gives package thief a surprise that causes him to defecate

Screenshot from video below

A thief on the prowl in hopes of scoring big while targeting packages delivered on porches found a nice surprise when targeting a Marine’s home.

The somewhat prepared thief sported a balaclava to shield his face but wore socks and sandals -seemingly not expecting a chase from a homeowner.

While the thief was only captured on security footage after he grabbed the package, the video starts with him positioned to dash away.

As soon as he moves to exit the porch, the package explodes in his hands, sending him flying off the porch.

“Look what you b**ch ass did, you hoe ass n*gga,” the Marine yells from his home. “I know you been stealing my shit!”

While the Marine continues to berate the thief, the thief attempts to deny trying to steal the package while sticking his hand down his pants.

After sniffing his hand, he confirmed he defecated in his pants during the explosion.

“I wasn’t trying to steal it,” the thief claims as he lifts his balaclava. “I’m from next door.”

“What was in that package -a cell phone?”

“Naw ni**a, that’s a booby trap,” the Marine yells in response. “I’m ex-military ni**a, Marine Corps!”

It is unknown the location and time of the incident but the video has been reshared all across social media in the last 24 hours -accumulating millions of views.

YouTube video

This story was originally published in May of 2022

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