Former EOD officer helping rebuild children’s school in Kenya

Retired LTC Jason Souza in Archer's Post, Kenya (GOFUNDME)

When it was time for Lieutenant Colonel Jason Souza to leave the 501st Ordnance Battalion and pack up his illustrious career, he wasn’t satisfied with simply playing golf for the rest of his life.

Enlisting the help of friends and community groups, Souza set his sights back to Kenya, a country on the African continent where he had trained the Kenyan Defense Forces in how to disarm Improvised Explosive Devices, as well observing that many children there lacked the basic necessities to live even a semi-comfortable life.

After organizing several efforts, Souza initially sent over 600 pairs of shoes and boxes of clothed for Kenyan children, eventually cooking up a plan to help rebuild the Mama Wachira Children’s Home in the village of Archer’s Post.

Utilizing contacts, Souza and his team managed to convince several members of defense firm PAE to help raise $30,000 in order to finish the children’s home.

“We might not be able to fix everything in the world, but we are making a difference for this one group of children,” said Chris Taylor, an American Marine who had been deployed to fight ISIS before he went to work for PAE. “My takeaway from Kenya is that everything in life is temporary and arbitrary, and the only thing you have in this life are the footprints you leave behind.”

According to Fox News, since his first encounter, Souza -who served in the US Army National Guard for fifteen years- has managed to send as much aid as he can to the children of the poor nation.

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