Former dancer admits to being the star of adult video filmed inside Army barracks

Source: Instagram

An adult entertainer confessed to filming a sex tape inside of a US Army barracks- but insists her work is charitable in nature.

Cami Strella, who is known for her online adult content and social media followings, has reportedly reached the top 0.9% on OnlyFans, and rakes in about $50,000 a month.

In recent news, Strella admitted to utilizing a US Army barracks -and the personnel within- to make a sex tape.

Posting to Instagram. Strella revealed publicly that she made a considerable amount after uploading the video.

“Did you really make a tape in the barracks?” the caption read, echoing a question by a fan.

“Yes,” she replied, “And 126,534 people pay $15 to see what I did in them.”

While there is probably a laundry list of UCMJ violations that took place during the video’s production, little -if any- consequence will reach Strella.

Despite engaging in debauchery for profit, Strella -who went to school to study head and spinal cord injuries- claims she donates ten percent of her profits to military charities that deal with injured personnel.

Whether this is out of altruism or to dodge taxes is anyone’s guess, but Strella’s rise to the top 0.9% has become another “success story” from the pandemic, when she began posting content.

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